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Emma Larson

Emma Larson

Pre-Ballet, Ballet

Emma began dancing ballet at Saugerties Ballet Center when she was 8 years old. Additionally she studied at the New Paltz School of Ballet, and at 16 she was accepted to train with Boston Ballet School for their Summer Dance Program. Emma remained in Massachusetts, having been asked to train as a year round student, studying ballet, modern, and character dance. During this time, she also worked as a teacher’s assistant under the direction of Luciano Aimar, the Head of the Children’s Program, and eventually accepted an offer to become a future teacher with The School. She remained here until the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, she continued her training with BBS over Zoom in New York until she was able to return to Massachusetts in 2021 for the Summer Dance Program with a scholarship. Currently back in New York, Emma is a senior at SUNY Empire State University and will be finishing her degree in Early Childhood and Dance Education in 2024. Once she gets her bachelors from Empire State, she plans on moving back to Massachusetts and enrolling in Boston Ballet School’s American Preparatory Ballet Training Program to further her teacher training, as well as her own dance training.


What people are saying about us…

Once again I was smiling deep inside witnessing the Love of Dance emanating from the stage from the littlest ballerina to the oldest dancers.  It is truly evident, the love shared within your dance family.  The respect teacher to student allows for deep respect back, student to teacher, in a time when such things are rare to see.

My thanks for your efforts and integrity, and that of your Clan of teachers.  Quite the tribe you have.  So glad Robin is part of it.


Rose W.

I would just like to take a moment to thank you personally for the fantastic performance!  It was our first UPAC show and it was incredible!!  We look forward to many, many more!  Thank you for offering such a wonderful school here in Saugerties - I am so glad my daughter is a part of it.  She loves it!!!

SBC parent

Thank you Scarlett!!! We are all so fortunate to have you and the Saugerties Ballet Center!

SBC Parent