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Training Guide


Dance should be fun- and it is! However, parents who wish their children to truly learn the discipline and technique of dance must understand that dance training is a very focused and serious endeavor. The classes that students take is their training. As the student grows in strength and maturity, the level of training (the number of classes to take) grows as well. Whether a student wishes to pursue dance as a career or not, it is important that their training is the best it can be.

The following is an outline of suggested classes for your child to take to provide him/her with a well rounded dance training program. Please realize that this is just a guide to help and inform you and that students are not required or obligated to follow these suggestions. The instructors at SBC are always happy to answer any questions and to help you fine-tune your child’s class schedule.

Classes per week for:

the 3-6 year old
~ 1 Mother Goose, Pre-Ballet or Adv. Pre-Ballet
~ Pre-Tap is also available for students in Adv. Pre-Ballet

the 6-8 year old
~ 1 ballet class
~ 1 tap/jazz, contemporary and/or lyrical dance class

the 8-11 year old
~ 2-3 ballet classes
~ 1-3 tap/jazz, contemporary, and/or lyrical dance classes

the 12-18 year old
~ 3-4 ballet classes
~ 1-3 pointe classes, upon approval of director
~ 1-4 tap, modern/jazz, contemporary and/or lyrical dance classes

~Students that wish to focus on ballet should also participate in some other forms of dance to round out their training, especially if they hope to dance professionally.

~ Students that wish to focus on dance styles other than ballet should remember that ballet training is the foundation for all other forms of dance, and we highly recommend to keep at least 1 ballet class in your training schedule.

~ Dress appropriately for class
~ Be on time for class
~ Do not miss classes unless you are sick or have an important conflict.
~ Make up classes that you miss
~ Your dance training is a commitment- take it seriously!