Open Monday through Saturday

A3 Ballet

A3 Ballet

A3 Ballet and discipline on a stricter and more challenging level. Students at this level can begin to understand and learn about turn-out and correct body placement. The length and difficulty of barre work is increased, and center work becomes more complicated.
See dress code below.
*Minimum enrollment: 6 students

Mondays, 5:15pm
Instructor: Judith Ore

Wednesdays, 6:15pm
Instructor: Justine Maletta Snihur

Dress Code

Leotard: light blue
Tights: Light pink
Ballet slippers: Light pink
Hair: pony tail, braids, bun
Optional: Chiffon skirt, leg warmers, wrap sweater, with the permission of instructor

White shirt, stretch pants or leggings, white socks, black ballet slippers

Tutus, costume-like accessories, loose hair, distracting jewelry, chewing gum