Open Monday through Saturday

Advanced Pre-Ballet

Advanced Pre-Ballet

At six years old or fast approaching, the students still love to engage their sense of play and imagination in the dance class, and creative, improvisational experiences are always part of the class. At the same time, many young dancers at this age can strike a stunning arabesque at the barre, present a tendu side at the sound of the words; and all can do their plies with rounded arms and gently turned-out toes. Their experiences in this class provide strong and supportive preliminary skills and abilities that prepare them for the next level of training and growth, the A-level.  Our Saturday class will include an introduction of Tap dance at the end of class!
See dress code below.
*Minimum enrollment: 6 students

Thursdays, 4:00pm
Instructor: Justine Maletta

Saturdays, 10:50am
Instructor: Janelle Jobson

If you have any questions please contact us.

Dress Code

Leotard: light pink
Tights: Light pink
Ballet slippers: Light pink
Hair: pony tail, braids, bun
Optional: Chiffon skirt, leg warmers, wrap sweater, with the permission of instructor

White shirt, stretch pants or leggings, white socks, black ballet slippers

Tutus, costume-like accessories, loose hair, distracting jewelry, chewing gum