Open Monday through Saturday

Contemporary – L3

Contemporary Dance – Level 3

Ages 13 and up,  Contemporary dance combines the stylistic lines and technique of modern dance and ballet  with contact-release, floor work, and movement improvisation. Class incorporates warm up techniques from José Limón and Lester Horton and progresses to floor combinations that develop specific skills. Stuctured improvisations increase the dancer’s understanding of tempo, rhythm, level, and quality of movement while stretching each individuals movement vocabulary. This class is for experienced dancers.

See dress code below.
*Minimum enrollment: 6 students

Wednesdays, 7:40pm
Instructor: Sharon Penz

If you have any questions please contact us.

Dress Code

Leotard: Student’s choice
Tights: Black or pink  Knee pads (ask for our recommendation), black pants, T-shirt
Shoes: Black Apollo Shocks, Amp or Performance model
Hair: pony tail, French braids, bun
Optional: Skirt, leg warmers, wrap sweater, with the permission of instructor

Form fitting shirt, color of choice, black jazz pants or leggings, socks, black jazz shoes

Loose hair, loose fitting sweaters and pants, boxer shorts, pajama pants, distracting jewelry, chewing gum, NO STREET CLOTHES!